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OGI- Part of the first wave of indie eyewear labels

OGI Eyewear

Oh Hey There!

We’re OGI Eyewear, part of the first wave of indie eyewear labels, established in 1997.

We’ve got you covered on the tech end as well with a digital catalogue that features all our collections in full 3-D, a digital buyer’s portal for easy ordering, and our groundbreaking Virtual Try-On app that allows your clients to see a set of frames on their face in real-time, from your office or at home on their Apple device. The technology is unsurpassed, and will streamline the fitting process for your clients, and the ordering process for your shop.

Your Board Just Got a Lot Bigger

Users have access to hundreds of frame styles and color options from their phones. The OGI App allows for a true 360-degree try-on experience: turn any angle, catalog the frame fit, and capture ambient light. The user can take and send screenshots to friends and select their favorite styles before even stepping foot in an Optician’s office. Opticians can efficiently manage their inventory and keep tabs on the newest releases on the go.

Easy as Pie

Step into a new era of optical styling. No jet pack required.

The OGI Eyewear app is compatible with the Safari browser and any iPhone (10 or above) or iPad Pro with Facial Recognition.

Don’t take our word for it: try us on!

To Install the App from this URL on an iPad or smartphone:

  1. Navigate to the URL in your Safari browser

  2. Click “Share” (the paperclip icon)

  3. Select “Add to Home Screen”

  4. Click “Add”

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