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Alexander Daas- Learn what sets them apart.

"ALEXANDER DAAS has a rich history of two generations of opticianry and exceptional craftsmanship with brick-&-mortar boutiques serving the San Francisco community since 1979, the Los Angeles community since 2008 and the San Diego community since 2013 (with our new Del Mar location opening Fall 2021). We launched the ALEXANDER DAAS eyewear brand in 2010 based on our mastery of styling and frame fit.

Glasses should fit your bridge, showcase your eyes, and enhance both your looks and your vision. Alexander Daas brings back old school optical principles with a thoughtful and intentional collection. Each Alexander Daas frame is designed with a real face and constructed with a real wearer in mind – made for real people and thoughtfully created by hand. With a large portion of the collection boasting frames designed specifically for petite faces, this line not only fills a void in an optical market that is yearning for quality craftsmanship and understated elegance, it provides options for those “small PDs” that seem to be completely forgotten by most optical “designers” today. Made from the finest materials and using only the highest quality Japanese and Italian acetates, this collection infuses the knowledge of the past with the innovative manufacturing processes of today. Comprised of timeless optical offerings and unique sun styles, Alexander Daas provides an updated twist on classic shapes and styles that emphasize design, quality, and functionality."

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