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Danshari- The Fine Art of Minimalism


"Zen philosophy states that 75% of what we own or desire does not contribute to our happiness.

We could live with the remaining 25%, as long as our natural needs are satisfied.

Consumerism, overflowing of fashion and excessive logo ostentation resulted in people being  subjugated to material desires and therefore being unable to appreciate and evaluate product quality.

Thanks to a thirty-year experience and an in-depth technical knowledge, Danshari was able to create fine and elegant frames, of very high quality, which reconciles us with our need for beauty and timelessness.

Danshari firmly believes that fine high-quality frames are worth way more than fashion-oriented frames, as the latter has limited durability, being as evanescent as fashion itself.

Metaphorically speaking Danshari can be compared to a bowl of rice, which is fundamental in Japanese cuisine because of its delicate flavour that goes well with any other food.

Fashion products instead can be instead compared to goose liver paste, which tends to tire due to its very intense flavour."

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