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"Entourage of 7 is luxury eyewear influenced by the city where it originated: Los Angeles, the City of Angels - an ever-changing, multicultural melting pot, where you are always reminded to be courageously creative. We aim to design beautiful spectacles for our rockers and rollers, lovers and sinners at Venice Beach – the birthplace of Entourage of 7.

We base our design philosophy on the heritage of Los Angeles eyewear – but not stopping there; We are always keeping our eyes and mind open to new ideas. From classic Japanese hinges with double rivets hammered into zyl acetate frames to laser cut aluminium alloys and titanium, we honor both the vintage traditions and embrace progress. Just like Los Angeles is constantly changing – so are we!

Looking at the frames, you will see many surprising design details, including the dice logos that represent Lucky Number 7, the signature “E7” logo, short for “Entourage of 7,” the decorative metal accents, and more. Both the optical and sun lines offer fresh, iconic looks that feature unique design details. With a vintage feel and a modern twist, these frames are sure to turn heads wherever they go.

It feels vintage but with a modern twist. It’s worth to wear over and over again."

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