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Fabulous Fanny's- NYC'a Favorite Vintage Eyewear

Fabulous Fanny's


From our one-of-a-kind store in NYC’s East Village, we search the world to find the most Original Vintage frames. The ones that not only stand out, they stand the test of time.

We also re-imagine and re-create history's most famous eyewear, making stunning reproductions of the classics. The result is time-honored, beautifully hand-finished eyewear, each with its own story to tell.

The Trusted Source For Vintage Design

For 30 years, we have been New York City's favorite vintage eyewear store. And for nearly as long, Broadway and Hollywood have relied on us to find "just the right time-period piece." Most importantly, though, we have always focused on our customers in NYC's East Village - an ecosystem unlike any other. It's the last stronghold of counterculture in a city that's gone too mainstream.

We believe that expressing your individuality is one of life's greatest gifts. And since we also believe that originality shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, we're always reasonably priced."

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