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We are deeply rooted in our home, the Northern Black Forest, where our proximity to nature grounds and inspires us. We are committed to conserving resources and acting sustainably, as demonstrated by the beehive we keep in our grounds, our zero-energy building, and our certification as a carbon-neutralcompany. We feel connected to our staff and customers, too.

As a family company, trust and tolerance are the hallmarks of our corporate culture, and years of partnership are our key to success. From our home in the Black Forest, we have built connections with the best opticians in the world. We have no doubt that these warm, lasting relationships are the reason why our customers have stayed with us for three decades now.


As we approach our anniversary in 2021, let us look back on a 30-year success story. It all began with one idea: to become an eyewear pioneer by returning to true craftsmanship. Each pair of spectacles is unique, from the designs crafted from the finest materials, such as gold, to the premium accessories that continue to form part of the Lunor experience. Much has changed over the past 30 years. We have been so successful that at times we could barely keep up with demand.

Our team has grown dramatically, we have added carefully selected designs to our collections, and in our new headquarters in Bad Liebenzell, we have developed a strategy for a sustainable future. But there are some things that will never change. Our uncompromising commitment to master craftsmanship, for example. Our deep roots in our home, the Northern Black Forest.


Traditional craftsmanship and uncompromising quality made in Germany: that’s Lunor. For 30 years, we have been demonstrating our outstanding expertise in spectacle design. Some of our innovations have taken years to develop. We have been manufacturing classic stainless-steel spectacles in LUMAG, our own workshop in the Northern Black Forest, since 2019. We are only satisfied when every detail of our spectacles excels in terms of functionality, design, and comfort. See and feel the difference for yourself.

The original Lunor saddle bridge ensures maximum comfort, as do our unique titanium pads. Our acetate lines feature the Lunor rivet hinge, one of the few functional and durable double-rivet hinges on the market.

None of our lovingly crafted Lunor frames leave the factory without being critically scrutinized by our master opticians during the final four-eyes inspection. Traditional craftsmanship is what has made Lunor famous. Progress, vision and technology are the factors catapulting Lunor from its collection of vintage glasses into the future. For us, tradition and technology go hand in hand.

Cutting-edge production using CNC machines and laser-monitored induction soldering devices guarantee a precision that no human skill can ever hope to achieve. On the other hand, the sensitive hands of our glasses makers add a decisive touch to our frames that no machine could ever reproduce."

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