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Nathalie Blanc-Made with Artistry in France

Nathalie Blanc Paris

"Nathalie Blanc Paris is a brand that perfectly follows the face’s curves of the wearer and embodies the French “Effortless-chic”, the undeniable Parisian style, pure and audacious.


“I have always dreamed of embodying French excellence: extreme precision, undeniable quality, pure and timeless design.” The force behind the brand is the daring, passionate and French-born designer Nathalie Blanc. Nathalie Blanc is a true ambassador for the French manufacturing and excellence in know-how, and her talent exudes in the refined and delicate frames she designs, the ones that combine the perfect harmony between the face, the style, and the material.

“My collection is designed, developed and made in France”

EARLY YEARS At a young age, Nathalie Blanc started wearing glasses. The shape didn't fit her face, and the style was not graceful nor trendy. As a teenager, the idea of shaking the world of eyewear had become an obsession. Nathalie made a promise to herself to create her universe, to reinvent a style where this functional and unattractive accessory would reflect one's style, personality, and aesthetics.

"I was so embarrassed to wear my eyeglasses, and this trauma has been pivotal in my life."

INSPIRATION The attention to detail in her work and creations reflects her passion for art, design, and architecture, in which beauty and elegance fuse."

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