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North Point Eyewear

"North Point Eyewear is a new line of premium, American made frames by Eyenavision. Our goal is to design and produce the world’s best acetate eyewear. We proudly make our products in Pittsburgh, PA – where American craftsmanship meets artisan innovation.

North Point Eyewear American Made


North Point Eyewear is brought to you by Eyenavision, Inc a trusted leader in the optical industry. Our mission is to support and empower independent eye care professionals by providing innovative products. These unique and successful solutions, like Chemistrie Clips, or ChemTech computer readers, not only provide success with customers, but also allow independent optical retailers to differentiate themselves from chains and big box stores.

When Eyenavision first introduced a line of optical frames, our options were limited to importing eyewear from overseas, just like most US-based eyewear companies. Although we are proud of both our Chinese and Italian frame lines, importing all of our frames just didn’t feel quite right. We realized we wanted to be more than just another distributor – we wanted to create and get back to our innovative beginnings. So, we began the process of designing, creating, and perfecting our own line of optical and sunglass frames. We brought our production completely in-house to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the entire Eyenavision and North Point Eyewear teams work together to support the independent ECP.


Every North Point frame is a product of our talented in-house design team, as well as

our master frame design consultants. We utilize the latest proprietary, specialty 3D CAD software to perfect every angle, curve, dimension, and detail, before each frame is milled on specialty CNC machines. We pay attention to details; trends and fashion may be ever-changing, but the quality of a North Point Eyewear frame is consistent. We use a professional eyewear prototyping machines to experiment with new styles, perfect our designs, and customize each frame before production. This prototype machine ensures that the fit of each North Point frame is perfect. We can make adjustments that are fractions of millimeters. Designs are not finalized until every detail is flawless.

From concept to creation, our design process bridges the gap between artisan craftsmanship and high-tech precision. Designing our frames in-house means new opportunities for private label, customization, small-batch runs, and endless other possibilities not typically available to independent ECPs.


Our production process, although based on traditional means of manufacturing eyewear, utilizes the best software and machinery available. We make use of specialty CNC machines combined with traditional handwork. Each frame goes through over 40 distinct processes. This includes

80 hours of tumbling with wood pegs, polishing, laser engraving, and hand painting all frame labels.

Most eyewear is still made overseas – it’s been many years since glasses were manufactured domestically. Because of this, it was a challenge to find the right people for our factory. Our employees come from different backgrounds: we’re opticians, CNC experts, architects,

inventory specialists, artisans, and craftsmen. The dedication to consistency and quality by our team is evident in every frame we make."

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