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Rimmel Eyewear- Quality. Different. Fashionable.

Rimmel Eyewear

"Rimmel Eyewear's most exclusive collection Our optical frames and sunglasses are handcrafted with the finest materials in the optical field pursuing not solely quality but also a work of art on each frame.

RIMMEL eyewear is FASHION. Our optical frames are designed to be the most distinguished above all. Every component of the frame is exclusively selected for each model, its hinges, wire core, acetate hand made colors are tailored for the brand.

Rimmel sunglasses lenses are polarized providing full ultraviolet protection with an unmatched clarity anti-glare polarization effect, keeping light weight and legerity.

Not only fashion

Quality Our Atelier's core values and love relies on handcrafting top of the line with an environmentally friendly perspective.

Different Our philosophy is to be trendy and different designing from scratch eyewear that is bold and unique.

Fashionable Eyewear is Fashion - plain and simple."

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