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Robert Marc- Opticianry since 1981

Robert Marc NYC

"THIS IS ROBERT MARC NYC. Our name embraces New York City in recognition of the powerful and enduring influence it holds over us. The city has a spirit of restless reinvention - of beautiful diversity and wild promise - that has shaped our vision since the beginning, and always will. WE DESIGN & DISCOVER NEW YORK'S MOST WANTED EYEWEAR. OUR CITY New York City holds the passion that drives our brand. She is the city that never sleeps, where icons dwell, possibilities are endless and dreams take shape. Where trends are imagined, created, embodied and reinvented. We have always harnessed the vitality of this city and we are proud to outfit some of its most renowned personalities. RMNYC. Never stop creating. OUR EXPERTISE New York City in the 1980’s was bustling with energy and creativity after near bankruptcy. Artists, designers, musicians, writers and well-known denizens restlessly roamed the fashionable urban streets. ROBERT MARC NYC saw an opportunity to make a name for itself and opened its first boutique on Columbus Avenue in 1981. Quickly recognized for its unique ability to bring both comfort and fashion to the eyewear industry, the brand decided to launch its first collection in 1999. Influenced by New York City and classic French savoir-faire, the true beauty of ROBERT MARC NYC frames is the marriage of style and fit. RMNYC.

Opticianry since 1981."

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