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Swissflex-wearing comfort with personalizable style

Swissflex Eyewear

"Markus Caviezel The entrepreneur with an extended family cultivates values such as commitment, straightforwardness and loyalty. As a trained toolmaker with a passion for innovation and optimization, he creates a unique eyewear system and continues to develop it. His personal DNA & values are reflected in the Swissflex system and ensure that the focus is more on the product than on the brand.

Eye-Systems His dedicated team manages Swissflex with a network of highly-specialized experts in and around Chur. Since its foundation Eye-Systems has patented and introduced a number of innovations with regard to production, logistics and marketing & sales.

Eventful History

In the more than two decades from the idea of the first model system ‘eyephorics’ to the launch of the sports collection ‘champ’, many milestones have been set."

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