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Traction Productions - Creation, Expertise, Originality since 1872

Traction Productions

To assert oneself, one prefers the style to the appearance of the logo. For the unique, we highlight our mixed, colorful and rich origins. The Traction Productions collection is aimed at women and men looking for avant-garde, vintage, wise, crazy, colorful, natural, extravagant, unique, XXL, super Slim glasses. It is for you, for us. The us of today.

Creation Inimitable Charisma Traction Productions frames are fearless. Unprecedented patterns and shapes combine to dress the eyes with an assumed avant-gardism. Between the reinterpreted classics of the Retro collection, the frank and masculine lines of the TraXion X collection and the originality of the frames of the Traction Femme collection; With us, you will never stop reinventing yourself!

Expertise French know-how The creative process for Traction Productions: sublimating materials to express a unique vision of eyewear. Since 1872, we have been cultivating our know-how. A unique know-how made in France which expresses freedom in a great technicality. We free ourselves from codes to create elegant avant-garde glasses.

Originality Limitless creativity. If our glasses are unique, it is thanks to the innovative processes used to manufacture them. This technical mastery allows us to unleash our creativity and express our unique vision of eyewear, revealing personality.

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