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Woody's- A BRAND MADE FOR UNIQUE PEOPLE-Born to break with the mainstream and depict a world full of

Woody's Eyewear

More than a passion. More than a dream come true. This is the story of a way of life, of a vision.

"We were born in 2013 to break stereotypes, to do things in a different way to give a voice to people who flee from fashion and want to be unique. We were born in the sea, thanks to wakeskate, the hobby of our founder and CEO, Josep Dosta. Desperate to find sunnies with which he could practice his favorite sport and not sink to the bottom of the lake, he began to investigate the production of frames. After many tests, Josep observed that the key was in the sheets of the wakeboards. Woodys was born. Our first frames were made from the scrap of skateboards. Over time, we incorporated bamboo or pear wood to create totally different, designer, sustainably sourced frames made from a highly valued and unique natural material."

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