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NEOS is Proud to Support New Eyes!

New Eyes has been providing new glasses to kids and adults throughout the US who can’t afford them on their own, since 1932.  They’ve assisted over 10 million people worldwide who have been given the gift of sight, something most of us tend to take for granted.  


New Eyes’ low-income clients struggle to pay housing, medical, food and childcare bills, making a new pair of eyeglasses and clear vision a luxury instead of the necessity it really is.


According to a 2021 study conducted by Johns Hopkins, “The overall gains for students with glasses were essentially equivalent to two to four months of additional education.”  New Eyes provides glasses to children, improving their educational experience and overall development.  Without proper vision adults can find it difficult to find employment and seniors can lose their independence.  New Eyes, their staff and volunteers have been on a mission to break down the financial barriers to provide access to glasses and lenses to those who can’t afford them for almost 100 years.  


In recent years, through technological advancements, they’ve been able to provide this service to an exponentially higher number of recipients than ever before.  To support this growth, in 2022 they launched their own line of sustainably made eyewear, Azimuth by New Eyes.  All the proceeds from the sales of their frames go back into New Eyes to support their mission of providing eyewear to those in financial need for another 100 years. 


NEOS is proud to support New Eyes and we’re hoping that this is just the beginning of great things to come!


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