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FAQ's.......(that stands for Frequently Asked Questions)

Who attends NEOS?

NEOS is not open to the public but it is open to anyone in the optical world and their families.  Anyone in an optical shop or doctors office from the front desk staff, apprentices, opticians, managers, buyers, doctors, owners and everyone in between.  We also encourage both optician, OD & MD students to attend.  


I'm thinking of opening my own optical shop but I'm not open yet.  Can I still attend?

YES!  This is a great place to see what's out there for frames, labs and technology.


What kind of vendors are there?

NEOS started out as primarily independent frame collections but has grown to include labs, lens and other cutting edge technology companies. 


What does independent mean?

Independent eyewear means that it's a privately owned company that only manufactures and distributes what they are showcasing.  They're not licensed brands. The companies at NEOS want to work with you as a partner to help your business grown.  What's good for you, is good for them!


Are classes offered?

We don't do classes.   We leave those to the local opticians associations- we know our limitations!!  However if you're part of an association and we're going to be in your area and you'd like to work together, send us an email.   We LOVE to support local optical associations and there's definitely an opportunity to create interesting shows this way. 


Do I need to pay to attend?

At the moment there's no charge to attend.  We'd like to keep it this way however as we grow this may change but our goal is to keep it free for attendees without taking any sponsorships that try to sway us away from our mission of helping you Regaining Your Independence. 

Do you provide lunch?

Yes and no.  It's not a conference, but we do provide open bar and light snacks throughout the day.  

How do I become a vendor or get involved?

Email for more info. 

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